Williamsport Terrace


634 S. Water Street
Williamsport, OH 43164

Westfall School District

The US Department of Agriculture Rural Development property of Williamsport Terrace is owned and managed by the Pickaway Metropolitan Housing Authority. Williamsport Terrace is situated in a rural setting in the town of Williamsport in western Pickaway County. The apartment complex is home to rowhouses with 16 one or two bedroom apartments. Williamsport is located 8 miles west of Circleville with short commutes to Chillicothe and Washington Court House.

Williamsport Terrace Staff

Emily Rittinger
Public Housing Manager
Ph: 740-477-2514 Ext. 305
Fax: 740-477-7456
Aaron Adams
Public Housing Specialist
Ph: 740-477-2514 Ext. 315
Fax: 740-477-7456
Derek Robinson
Public Housing and Agency Specialist
Ph: 740-477-2514 Ext. 308
Fax: 740-477-7456

Who is eligible?

Williamsport Terrace is limited to low-income families and individuals. A chart showing current income guidelines for PMHA is shown below.

# of Persons in Family Low Income Very Low Income Extremely Low Income
1 $55,550 $34,750 $20,850
2 $63,500 $39,700 $23,800
3 $71,450 $44,650 $26,800
4 $79,350 $49,600 $30,000
5 $85,700 $53,600 $35,140
6 $92,050 $57,550 $40,280
7 $98,400 $61,550 $45,420
8 $104,750 $65,500 $50,560

Applicants will be contacted to complete a full application as they near the top of the waiting list. Therefore, it is extremely important that applicants keep their contact information up to date. After determining final eligibility, applicants will attend a briefing session to review program requirements. After being briefed, applicants will receive their voucher.

Signing a Lease

When offered the opportunity to reside in a rental property managed by PMHA, you will be required to sign a lease with the Housing Authority. This lease will give you a firm understanding of your responsibilities as a resident and the responsibilities of PMHA as your landlord. In general, you may remain at Williamsport Terrace as long as you comply with the lease and program requirements.


The Waitlist Application for all Pickaway Metropolitan Housing Authority housing programs is the same.

To Apply Online or Download Application

Paper Waitlist Applications are available at the PMHA office located at:

176 Rustic Drive, Circleville, Ohio 43113 Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

# of Persons in Family Low Income Very Low Income Extremely Low Income
1 $52,500 $32,800 $19,700
2 $60,000 $37,500 $22,500
3 $67,500 $42,200 $25,300
4 $74,950 $46,850 $28,100
5 $80,950 $50,600 $32,470
6 $86,950 $54,350 $37,190
7 $92,950 $58,100 $41,910
8 $98,950 $61,850 $46,630

Tenant Portal

PMHA has a Tenant Portal which allows tenants to:

  • Secure document exchange
  • Tenant balance look-up
  • Online payment processing
  • Work order request
  • Manage contact information
  • Manage bank account information